Take advantage of trash and give it
blessings from throwing garbage.

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What Is That Sampah Berkah

Become the trusted and largest online transaction facility in waste management

-) By using web and internet technology, bringing together relevant parties in managing waste
-) Creating a clean, healthy and beautiful environment by providing understanding from an early age
-) Giving more added value to each party related to waste management

Integrity of Heart and Skillful of Hands

Nearby Location

Find the location of the nearest Waste Bank from the area where you live then order the garbage to place an order in the Trash Blessing platform.


The courier will pick up according to the schedule of the order that you have done on each order and will calculate the amount of each garbage ordered by the picker after the order process is completed.


Every garbage that has been exchanged is worth point for each garbage that has been picked up by the courier who has finished verification.

Point Exchange

Points can be exchanged for daily needs according to the category points that apply to Waste Blessings.

How It Works Sampah Berkah

Website and Application Based Orders

Each user can take advantage of the use of websites and applications as an easy tool to make order submissions regularly so that each submission can be seen practically.

Trash Transport Schedule

The schedule helps to make the pickup process efficient and easy for the user.


Each picked garbage will be managed by each partnership from a Waste Waste which can then be reprocessed. Garbage Blessing also opens opportunities for every partnership that you want to join in Waste Blessing.


Get benefits from every order that has been made pickup. Each order has a different type of prize depending on the terms and conditions that apply in the Waste Blessing.


Providing Waste Garbage Forum facilities that can be used as a means of exchanging information about everything about waste and its benefits.

Going Green

Further development.


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Our Team.

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Take advantage of small things so that they have great value.

Hansen Louisther Founder Sampah Berkah
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The best people are those who benefit the people

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There is no sweet without sweat

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